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The main reason behind the decision to sell a house has always been based on the changes in lifestyle. Whether you have a family that is growing, or you are relocating to another place, or even your family is downsizing, knowing the right time to sell your house can be really daunting, particularly the first time sellers.

At times, your decision to offer your house for sale might not coincide with the perfect conditions at the market. It is therefore very important to know what’s going on in the property market and even the entire economy since the real estate industry has always been used to reflect the current state of the entire economy.

There are a number of options on when it is the best time to sell your house on the property market. Even though there is no magic formula in this practice, there are actually definite troughs and peaks to look out for if your main objective is to achieve the best price and lower the amount of time you spend on the market.




Spring has always come out as the best time to sell a house, following the normal slow beginning of the year. It does not matter whether you are purchasing or selling a house; the spring season has a warming weather that has always seen a new breed of enthusiast house buyers searching actively on the open market for a house to purchase. The success of a house sale, as it has been known for years, is mainly dependent on finding the right buyer.

Why is Spring Considered the Best Time to Sell a House?

In most places, the spring season has been characterized with lighter and longer days, warm weather as well as beautiful and blossoming gardens all over. When these are added to the increase in active buyers, you will surely have the right conditions for achieving a perfect house sale.

Summer Months – June to August

The summer months that run from June to August have always been associated with a lot of activities on the open market for housing property. It is, however, not the best time to offer your family house for sale. This is due to the fact that this season includes a period where people take overseas holidays like in the month of August, and most kids resume their studies in the month of September.

Nobody would want to have their children relocated to another place just as the school year begins. On the other hand, houses and flats that are fairly small sell well during the summer months. There is a simple reason behind this; most people shall have gone past the New Year slump, winter is long gone, and a new weather is just approaching. This is the best time to get into the car and go for that house search since the weather allows it.

The property market during summer has always been flooded by a huge number of buyers.
This makes it hard to find a house at a decent price.
For those who have houses to sell, the strong demand that is usually witnessed during this time can help them in getting the best price for their houses.

The Autumn

Most buyers would flood the market as the summer season begins, and would disappear just as the season comes to an end. After this period, most property markets tend to go straight towards a big trough. It is one that buyers rarely expect throughout the year. Over the years, Autumn has always been a good time to sell a house, but it cannot be compared to seasons like the Spring and the Summer. If your planning to have your house sold in Autumn, it is important to have it listed on the online housing markets before the end of September. This would give you an opportunity to complete the sale of your house before Christmas ends. After the second week of November, home buyers take up the characters of a bear; they go into hibernation.
So at this time, finding the best buyer for your house would be like looking for a river in a desert. Again, it’s important to remember that nobody would love to relocate during the Christmas season.

The Trough Season: Winter

This begins from December to February. Festivities that begin around the month of December are all loved by everybody and they will normally take precedence over anything else towards the end of the year. This means that Autumn is the last chance to have your home sold.

To sum it up, spring has always been the best time to sell a house.