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Speaking from an analytical point of view, there are only two days of the year that grants the homebuyer a hint on when to purchase a home. Every spring as rosebuds open cautiously in the southern climes, and the tulips strive to shine through the melting snow in the northern side, that’s the time the tooting real estate signs will begin to multiply all across the country. This is the time the ‘For Sales’ signs are mounted on the posts, and a number of activities begin to take place on the streets as sellers, real estate agents and buyers resurface from where they had hidden during the winter season. That marks the beginning of the spring sales season.

Even though there is actually nothing like a spring real estate market, there is more in the market during this time than any other time of the year. Offers start to fly through the online sites, and real estate agents cellphones begin to ring continuously. Since almost everyone is looking for a deal and all want to sell, the market gets flooded with endless inventory. But on the other hand, the spring can also be the worst time to purchase a home. This is because its selling market usually brings too much competition for the same home, with the exception of just one day. It is the only day of the entire season that buyers will have the edge against all other buyers, and that’s the last day of May.
Finding movers on the last day is one of the hardest things that you can undergo as a buyer, and most title firms are usually crammed with several closings.



So, When is the Right Time to Buy a House?

When you need sellers to be most receptive and open to an offer, these are the only great days to buy a home in the entire year:

Easter Sunday

For Christian neighborhoods, Easter is the best day to buy a house. Homes always come on the market at very attractive prices, and as a buyer, inspecting the home before you write your offer will not take your time. It would be so easy to present the offer if the listing agent also doubles up as a seller. The offer would be signed and get accepted by Easter Sunday since there is usually no competition during such time. When others would wake up on Monday to start rolling in their offers, you will be comfortable in your new home. Easter falls sometime between the 22nd day of April to the 25th day of the same month. It is actually the first Sunday coming after the ecclesiastical moon and after the vernal equinox, which falls on either 20th or 21st of March, based on a particular year.

On Christmas Day

It has been observed that few people take time to look at homes on the Christmas Day, almost nobody. It does not really matter whether you are a Christian or whether you take time to celebrate that day; there is a reduced number of homebuyers who go out to look for homes during this time. But it is considered a smart move to purchase a home near or on the Christmas Day. If you take time to explore the homes in which you would like to make an offer just a few days before the 25th of December, you shall have placed yourself in a better position.

Why is it Advisable to Buy a Home During Christmas Holiday Season?

The first reason has to be the fact that people are usually in a good mood during this time, celebrating and opening gifts together with family and friends. During this time, people are more inclined to be more generous than they are in other days of the year, and this would even mean bringing down the price a bit. The other reason why Christmas day is the best time to buy a home is the fact that few homebuyers are looking for homes during that particular week. Therefore the chances of any competition or multiple offers are minimal. In December, the prices of home usually drop to a 12-month low. Anyone who is selling his or her home over the Christmas holiday is serious about that particular sale. This is the type of person you can easily negotiate with and finally close the deal for the house. The key to getting a real estate agent who will first of all work on the 25th day of Christmas and finds time to walk to the seller’s house on this day is not that easy. But such agents are in plenty out there.

So the Christmas holiday is the best time to buy a house.